Sanja Bobar

Sanja Bobar

My first fashion steps I made as a little girl, with my mother who worked in the textile industry.

It makes me happy and I felt it for a hobby, but primary I have a professional master’s degree as the Faculty of Economics believing then fashion is only my hobby.

Today fashion design is professional vocation for me.

If I had not made a mistake by making my choice, evidence are many successes that I’ve made since I appeared on the fashion scene.

My first solo show “Step Forward” represented in 2015, and since then my career is advancing dizzingly fast.

Then followed the new shows: “Dare to Wear”, also one of the greatest honors, Miss World 2015, where I represented my country China.

Recently, I ordered one of the highest awards in the fashion world, I received an invitation to participate in NYFW in September.