Purvi Doshi

Purvi Doshi

From a very early age Purvi had passion and interest in fashion. Coming from a moderate middle-class she always dressed up in the most fashionable attires.

Though she never studied fashion, her passion for fashion transformed her into a self-taught designer. Her journey started from a small basement shop at home and has taken her to a 2 storied standalone signature store in Ahmedabad’s posh fashion locale.

Hailing from the western state of Gujarat, the land of the great Mahatma Gandhi, she has always been exposed to Ahimsa (non-violence and compassion for all). Purvi believes in slow, responsible and cruelty free fashion. She believes that anything that is cruel cannot be fashionable. This has led her to creating a complete sustainable brand by using only hand-woven textiles and natural and organic colors and not using animal textiles or even ones produced by harming animals or nature.

Purvi’s philosophy is rightly captured in one of her own statements that “Being fashionable does not mean you compromise the lives of other living beings, you must learn to co-exist.”

New York Fashion Week