Nazia Rahman

I am Nazia Rahman, a passionate 25 years old designer from Bangladesh. Since childhood I was always in to art works, different type of colours used to attract me . I always wanted to be an artist. Besides a Fashion designer I am also an artist. I find peace through art work and pottery. From an early age I started reading fashion magazines and I used to try to sketch dresses later on the passion grew, I wanted to know more about the fashion industry, leading me to study fashion design. Later on I decide to study fashion design in Raffles college of higher education Kualalumpur, Malaysia. I always get inspire from little things and always try to put them in my collection. Arts and culture always inspire me. During my education period I started working under a designer based in Malaysia for 6 months. From his guidance I learned a lot. January 2017 I opened up my own label ‘NAZIA RAHMAN’. ‘NAZIA RAHMAN’ brand offers contemporary clothing for urban female and male both. The fashion has an edgy, aggressive and bold design underpinned with elegance. Keeping some clients in my head I see they will be fashion aware with good eye for design and who tend to include art and stylish design in their daily life. The apparels will be best quality yet affordable at the same time proving that good and fancy design are not necessarily decide the price tag. I want to deliver effortless and fresh wearable piece with excellent craftsmanship.
I showcased my collection in Asian designer week ss17 in new Delhi, India. and also in India beach fashion week w17 in Goa, India. My another show was in Kualalumpur, Malaysia.

The name of the collection which I will showcase in Los Angeles fashion week is ‘RHYTHM OF PASTEL AND GLITTER’. In this collection I used mostly pastel colours and sequin fabric. This collection is suitable for high tea party wear. Keeping in mind, sometimes we get confused what to wear when we are meeting our friends or relative when meeting in a small gathering in the late afternoon. In each outfit there is a bit touch of my culture.

Los Angeles Fashion Week March 2018