Melissa Mercedes

Melissa Novas is a stylist from NYC of Dominican decent, who currently lives in Los Angeles.

As a child, she cut her own clothes into doll dresses, and designed her 7th birthday, prom, and sweet sixteen dresses. Her keen sense of style, and fine attention to detail created a demand for styling amongst her family and closest friends throughout the years to come.


In 2011, she graduated from Long Island University with a Masters in School Counseling and a concentration in psychotherapy. She spent 4 years working alongside youth who struggled with behavioral issues and social obstacles as a counselor for Freeport Pride, a Non Profit Organization. Melissa prepared students for job interviews during their career search. She conducted mock interviews and also gave style tips on dressing for success. After sometime of preparing numerous students for their big moments, Novas came to the realization that she wanted to concentrate more on fashion.


After losing her mother to cancer in a very short period of time due to the unfortunate events of 9/11, Melissa built her strength from the inside out, and after countless books, seminars and much needed self-discovery she finally realized where her true calling was and the fashion journey began.

Everything she had learned about class, elegance and style she learned from her mother, who blessed her by saying “Do what makes you happy” right before her passing.


Melissa combined her two passions resulting in the impeccable combination of a stylist with the know how to ensure you not only look great, but feel great too.  As the woman behind RetroBohoChic, she’s also a top tier stylist and image consultant with client ranging from celebrities to the everyday woman looking to improve their appearance and gain confidence.  Rather than dictating trends governed by fashion, Melissa guides her clients in developing their own image as she understands the way we dress is very much a part of sense of self.


Melissa had the extreme honor of being mentored by top designers in the industry who style some of Hollywood top stars.  With their help and some hard work, Melissa created a line of dresses for curvy women to promote SELF LOVE, CONFIDENCE, and EMPOWERMENT.  All fabrics and cuts of the dresses are made to compliment the curvier physic.


Excited to debut in her hometown of NYC, she dedicates this show to her MOM!