Lulu Harazin

Lulu Harazin is a Palestinian American fashion designer who grew up in the industry, a fate that set her up for a promising future. As a child, she grew up in a family that owned and operated one of the biggest design and production companies in her city. Over the years, she watched her older brothers design some of the most fashionable pieces in the industry, leaving her in wonderment. As a child, Lulu remembers always being amazed at how sketches on a simple piece of paper could transform into a beautiful and elegant piece of clothing. Everyday after school she would hurry home to watch her older brother make sketches – waiting in anticipation to see his new designs. Lulu always knew that one day she too would carry that passion for design with her everywhere she went.


After coming to the US in 1994, she went off to school and then college to study corporate communications and international business. Upon graduation she got into the telecommunication field, something at which she really excelled at. In fact, Lulu was one of the top producers in her company. Despite this success, fashion remained a passion and she would spend all her free time creating sketches of different designs. Her love for crystals, stones, beads, and all other handmade materials slowly grew. Finally, one day, she decided to put her passion for fashion into work. She wanted to design something that not only Middle Eastern woman would wear, but also the Western woman.


Kaftans was the perfect match for what she wanted to do. Simplicity, elegance, luxury, and comfort were brought together in one dress by Lulu Harazin. Her Kaftans are supported by high quality stones and beads, and best quality fabrics and materials in the world. In 2015, Lulu had to put that passion on hold because her 9 year old son tragically passed away in a DWI accident. A couple of years later, it was time to start something new. Now, her line is not only limited to amazing and embellished kaftans, but ready to wear and haute couture.


Lulu Harazin has much respect for Middle Eastern local designers. In addition to her own designs, she travels the world to handpick unique pieces from designers in Dubai, Kuwait, Jordan, Spain, Qatar, and Lebanon, to name a few.


To all of you, from Lulu Harazin, Thank you and Happy shopping!

Lulu Harazin President and Designer