ILAVA is a socially responsible lifestyle brand that uses fashion to empower women and inspire change around the world. Currently, ILAVA specializes in four strong
products: lifestyle fashion, jewelry, handmade cards, and home decor. ILAVA is devoted to making women feel empowered and celebrated by offering a variety
collections that tell the story of ILAVA women from Tanzania. Through fashion, ILAVA has created community, women are empowered, and everyone looks fabulous!

Our mission is to provide African-Inspired fashion, accessories, and other lifestyle items to our consumers while celebrating
powerful and inspirational women around the world! Every ILAVA purchase provides school uniforms to children in Tanzania and helps to create jobs for women.

We work diligently to provide exceptional customer service, support our customers, and serve our community through various promotional initiatives.

ILAVA aims to become one of the leading, socially responsible fashion brands in the industry by offering the best quality attire and lifestyle items at a pricepoint that reflects the brand’s ability to give back. More importantly, ILAVA wants to create a culture where women will embrace the uniqueness and versatility African clothes without feeling out of place in mainstream society. By celebrating women, entrepreneurship, education, and success against all odds, ILAVA will continue to grow ahead of the curve and offer unique products to service the ILAVA woman. In addition to this, ILAVA will continue to give back to the country of Tanzania and others global south countries through amazing
programs, partnerships, sponsorships, and giveaways!

ILAVA derived from Nyamwezi,
a Tanzanian tribal language which means
“It Can Be Done!”