House of LiJon

House of LiJon

Li Jon Sculptured Couture began in January 2011 by artist Lia Mira, with a vision, some rings and a pair of pliers. After researching the medieval craftsmanship of chainmailing, and getting inspiration from everyday clothing and jewelry design, she began the ambitious intense process of teaching herself the unknown. Through much trial and error Lia Mira learned to sculpt metal and crystal into functional, stylishly sophisticated, fine art couture. Her dream is to grace the world with a plethora of one-of-a- kind conversation pieces, as well as a range of other luxury products under the House of Li Jon brand. With every creation she adds a completely new and unique design to her portfolio and continues to push her skills in the “Art of Chainmaille”

“Don’t just hang art when you can wear it” – Lia Mira


Your work of art begins with your phone call for a quote. From there a consultation must be  held with Lia via phone or in our region of New York, Philadelphia, or D.C. If unable to have an in person consultation we may be able to work out another method. Since each piece is customized to fit your specific measurements a final fitting will be required. We will discuss color and design samples to create the most complimentary piece for you. Each piece consists of thousands of rings and or crystals and is created by Lia Mira only. The time frame will range from 3 to 8 weeks depending on how intricate your piece is. There is an option for a rush with your piece. All pieces will be created in the order they are received.

We at Li Jon pride ourselves in our professional work ethic and quality of our work. As an artist Lia  Mira must continue in her process of creativity and exploration. All of her creations in her portfolio are limited editions and will only be re-created a few times. However the most exciting part for her is creating personalized pieces, which would be making something original for each and every client. You will be given a certificate of authenticity stating your number ranking with associated piece. We at Li Jon want are our clients to feel unique, amazing and command attention when they walk into a room. Li Jon sculptured couture is for those who are daring and the most outgoing!

Thank you for being my canvas! XOXO Lia Mira

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