Farah Abu

Farah Abu

With a doodle and a sketch. A Pandora’s box of ideas spill on a page. Farah’s creation takes its first step: Inception.

Imagine ethnic art and tribal artifacts splattered across the coral reef. These are the source of her inspiration.

The manipulation of metal guided by her instincts brings the form to life. Step two in Farah’s manifestation.

Like a lunatic navigating through a rubix cube meticulously tinkering a kaleidoscope of beads, pearls and semi precious stones – she weaves them into formation. Third step: intricate curation.

With an artisinal transformation of crystals and alloys, a mosaic of colours bursts onto the the dress form. A tweak, a twist, a final adjustment. It takes shape! The last step, the disposition of Farah’s imagination.