Dunyah (Dunyā ) is a term meaning the temporal world and its earthly concerns and possessions. Conceived in 2003, in the Washington D.C. area by designer Mustafa Wafa. Dunyah is an edgy men’s ready to wear brand with a strong cultural energy and exclusive style. Dunyah is making its mark by being seen for its dynamic combinations of the “new” and “old” concepts giving it a unique label identity. It’s one of a kind style aids in setting a new platform and helping to push high-end urban wear forward.

Combining modern styles with the worlds fashion forward influence makes the brand stand out from the rest. Incorporating the best of high-end fabrics with careful precise design, Dunyah is a lifestyle brand for individual’s who are not afraid to express themselves. Proudly developed and manufactured in the USA, Dunyah is a diverse brand which is always looking to explore the world of fashion and its rich diversities by always offering an amazing product that will last for many seasons to come.