Dair By Odair Pereria

Dair By Odair Pereria

DAIR design is a haute couture fashion brand with a casual detail and is known for being different, unique and getting the best out of yourself. DAIR design emphasizes that all clothing needs to visualize your true identity,which makes you stand out at all times.
My personal challenge is to translate my vision to different sizes and cultures, in the world of DAIR design everyone is equal and beautiful in their own special way.
DAIR collection fits it all!

As a designer I create center of attention pieces that make you shine as an individual. Clothing is more than fabric, it’s about YOU and how you feel.
Different silhouettes and different materials combined with personality and image are my keys to success!

DAIR design has showed its collections during an independent show at West Indisch Huis, Amsterdam, Bucharest Fashion Week and Saloné Delle Moda, Rotterdam.
I have designed clothes for national events such as Televizierring, the amazing dinner show Villa Thalia and the events of the Ladies of Soul, but have also been able to take on opportunities outside of our borders for e.g. The Millionaires Fair (Belgium & the Netherlands) and international shows for Farouk Systems Group (USA, Italy, Mexico, Spain).
Furthermore I’m responsible for yearly Carnaval outfits at Cabo Verde and the main designer and stylist for Holland’s and Cabo Verde’s pride Dina Medina.
Besides designing for DAIR design, I work as a stylist. Currently I am the stylist for singer Hind, where I combine my own creations with beautiful other pieces. I am also one of the stylist for the television show Hip voor Nop. As a stylist, I make you look beautiful and fashionable, but the main object is to make you feel the best version of yourself. I take great care in listening to my clients, knowing who you are and work together on the best image; how you want the world to perceive you, how you feel most beautiful and comfortable, what kind of story do you want to tell? Together we work on this and create your best look.
I have never failed to reach this object with all my clients.

Besides working as a designer I’ve been creative director for multiple events and am a manager at E&S Entertainment.

All of this adds up together in our slogan:
DAIR to be first,
DAIR to be different,
DAIR to be you!
DAIR collection fits it all.

Yours faithfully,
Odair Pereira