Dahil Republic of Couture

Dahil Republic of Couture is owned by a Kenyan Born Creative Director and Fashion Designer Hilda Mauya.since 2010. Hilda grew up loving the essence of expression and powerful story telling influence African fabric has and decided to create her own story through garments to empower women of all walks of life. She merges the ease of the Bold African textile with the construction, attention to detail and fabric quality of a western world to create a trendy modern bold and confident woman. She’s often utilizing multiple textured African print, Lace and colorful fabrics to create one single fluid silhouette.
This designer is never looking for the easy way out when it comes to designing for her beloved polished modern cosmopolitan woman.
 She merges trend-driven concepts with a keen understanding of her diverse clientele.
This designer is all about keeping things simple, easy-to-wear as inspired by the key women in her life Less is more and speaks volume. Each look speaks to a different woman and celebrates a woman for who she is and in her own skin regardless of size shape or origin. Our core values as a brand are geared towards empowering women to be bold and unapologetic for who they are.