DA By Daniel

Daniel Alexander is an award-winning designer from Queensland, Australia, with over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry. With progressive and imaginative craftsmanship, Daniel himself; radiates sophistication and edge. “A true artist,” most would say, as Daniel’s creativity speaks volumes. Daniel Alexander shares his passion with the world, delivering inspired looks from historical and cultural pastimes, and breathing into them a new and vibrant life.


In the past Daniel was inspired by the complete beauty of ALL women whom, not only looked fabulous, but felt majestic, when sliding into a little piece of “DA” by Daniel. Daniel’s collections were deliberately created for women who had a flair for the dramatic approach and theatrics. Women who’ve wanted to make an elegant yet, head turning statement.


As a global visionary, and enthusiast of creative evolution, Daniel Alexander caught the eye of New York Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts and has been invited to join other international designers, with another incredible collection, this time inspired by “Wolf of Wall Street.”


As a philanthropist Daniel Alexander also willingly gives of his time and talent, is focused on various charities, and is known for his “live” dressmaking show, where he creates a dress live on stage in less than 15 minutes and then gives it to charity to be raffled off.


He is thrilled to be joining Art Hearts this season, because as a designer he is all about the “experience” inspiring and evoking a feeling, and emotion with every bead and thread.

DA By Daniel New York Fashion Week FW/19