Cary Santiago

Cary Santiago

Cary was already drawing dress patterns before even going to school and was already designing for an RTW company by age 15.

 At 23, he started his own business from the tiny room he was renting to sleep in.

On what opened the doors for Cary to design in Dubai: his talent and his chika.

Cary’s design inspiration is history, art and culture. “I don’t collect fashion magazines. I only buy fashion magazines if my work is featured there.”

Top three cities in the world that Cary takes design inspiration from:

1. Paris, France

2. Beirut, Lebanon

3. New Delhi, India

His most important advice for women: “Stay fit.”

He does say no to clients. “People think I am very strict as a couturier. Yes, I am. I am very strict because I know what I want.”

On designing and originality: “Taste is everything. When you know what to do, and when you know what is beautiful.”

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