Antonella Commatteo

Antonella Commatteo

“Fashion that lets you be who you want to be.”

Refusing to conform to the norm of ‘what’s trending’ Commatteo collections are inspired by her life’s journey. Each collection comes with a story that stirs the imagination, inviting one to take that voyage into the unknown and back out with her. She sees fashion as a form of identifying or a stylised form of outer expression of oneself, believing everyone should have the ability to express their true selves through what they wear and how they wear it.

Featured in numerous magazines, with appearances on many a red carpets, the Award Winning Designer has since made a name for herself ‘as the one to watch’, who firmly stands by her motto of “Fashion that let’s you be who you want to be”. As a Decorated Designer, and Fashion Disruptor, Commatteo looks to reflect today’s culture into one’s lifestyle, validating the freedom for individuals to self-identify.

A Wales native, Commatteo began her career in fashion when she was taught to sew by her mother at the young age of 12.

Inspired by making her own daughters hand-embroidered Irish dance costume, she became locally recommended for her work, and was privately commissioned to create traditional embroidered pieces symbolizing aspects of Welsh culture. In 2005, Commatteo had the honour to be commissioned to create items for HRH Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Jimmy White OBE, and The Marquis of Bath. Commatteo entered the University of Wales, Newport in 2009 while working alongside with Welsh Designer, Julien MacDonald and Robyn Cole. She also worked in Costume Design at Thaumatop Media, recreated the Hairspray Musical Edna gown, and was awarded the title of Best Welsh Designer. Upon graduation in 2012, Commatteo relocated to the United States.

Winning awards for Best Men’s Designer, Social Media, California’s Designer of the Year, and Best of Hollywood, International and Fashion Philanthropy, Commatteo designs have since been seen in film, music videos, and television and on the runways at the New York, San Diego and Las Vegas Fashion Show weeks. Most recently, several of her pieces were worn at the opening and closing ceremony during musical performances at both the NYFW and LAFW. In addition, some of her latest pieces were worn during the powerful opening speech at the United Nations supporting anti-bullying. As an avid supporter of anti-bullying, Commatteo was inspired to launch a children’s line and was awarded by the State of California in 2017 the lifelong service award for her participation to end all forms of bullying.

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