He chose to call himself “A ‘biddikkia” the cute, the bellina in homage to his Sicily and in particular to the Aeolian Islands where his brand was born.

And this name that sounds so good has created her own, Giovanna Mandarano , Heart and Motor of A’biddikkia.As someone also seemed “foreign”, in reality it is very Sicilian and reveals a great, very strong feeling of belonging to Her Land, a true act of love.

Her soul is inextricably linked to her native Panarea , for her an authentic inspiring muse, the place where everything is born, where everything is created and where every uncontrollable emotion is transformed into fashion, trend, style.

Here a dress, an accessory or a beachwear A ‘biddikkia become the special Souvenir of a Magic Island , where Summer is a wonderful season, full of perfumes, which gives a thousand sensations and innumerable colors, just like all the exclusive prints and the very prestigious A ‘biddikkia fabrics that characterize every creation.

Los Angeles Fashion Week SS19